The Willow Wind

Hi, so I took a couple of hours this afternoon to sit in my garden and enjoy the sun. We have seen a lot of rain over the past few weeks and I have noticed that the flowers have struggled to bloom. It was lovely just to sit here quietly with very little sound apart from the wind blowing and the rustling of the leaves of the trees and plants. In these quiet moments I am usually relaxed enough to create something. I don’t have to do much, I just sit and listen to the words that come to mind and I just fit them together like a puzzle. This is what I wrote and I thought, well actually a friend thought it would be nice to to share it with you all. I was just being a bit shy about it but of course I don’t mind sharing with you at all ….

The Willow Wind

There are times that we can fall into despair

Broken hearted we will say that life is not fair

For all the hopes and dreams we held so tight

We used our strength and resilience to put up an almighty fight

Did you not know you had to let go?

Just surrender and let the willow wind blow

You didn’t need to hold so tight

You didn’t need to put up an almighty fight

It was about recognising your limitations and your fears

It was about dismissing those stories that brought you tears

It was about releasing the pain and all that anger

It was about releasing all that made you a stranger

As you sit and watch the willow wind blow

Observing the flowers and leaves in flow

However things may seem to appear

This is not a time to give up or disappear

Sitting in silence we want you to hear

That uncomfortable feeling is just fear

It’s always been that old familiar story

Now allow yourself to feel the sunshine’s glory

We never know which way the willow wind will go

We never know when the harvest will show

Allow the heart to release it’s grief

And restore your faith and magical belief

All my love


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