The Heart Sanctuary

🥀Over the past month I have been sharing a weekly affirmation card from either Gabrielle Bernstein or Tosha Silver in The Soul Sanctuary Facebook group. I noticed over the weeks that there was similar wording and colours. I thought it was worth having a look for patterns. I told the group I would write about […]

Embracing Winter

💐In the Summer I made a pact with myself to honour the seasons more. It wasn’t really a case of being one with nature but the inspiration we can take from each season and what we can learn from them. This year where there has been so much uncertainty we know that the seasons will […]

A Reflection

At times I feel I have been living two lives. My life at work that has been distressing, traumatic, fraught with anxiety, fear with poignant moments of human fragility being so clear to see. Then life at home which has been so full of learning and growth with opportunity to just slow down, feel and […]

The Snowflake

High above the winter blue sky The air so crisp and fresh Crunching snow sits below Before me is my breath The snow begins to fall again And I open up my hands for you Until you gently land Your icy-ness stings my exposed skin I sense your earth and your water For you are […]

A mouse tale

I was sitting in the long grass, under the moonlight and stars, eating some fruits and seeds. I was deep in thought and enjoying the moment when wooooosh, I was swiped up by a cat. He had these huge white paws and quite frankly I didn’t stand much of a chance. In his mouth he […]

A poem to start the week off. This one is about being in conflict with yourself. Recognising that you are not in the best place. If we actually stop and pause you will always understand what is going on, you are your own wisest of wise. Where we are upset angry we are closed off […]

A walk in winter wonder

Feelings of chaos lurking inside Thoughts are goading and irritating I took a short drive to a place of nature Early morning scenery, I had to stop A time to pause and have a walk From the lakeside I gasped in awe & wonder A feeling of calm washed all over The healing presence of […]


This week I started a Winter writing course. I thought it was a great opportunity to leave my working world behind me whilst I am on leave. It feels good to lose myself in something else. For the warm up exercise I wrote a poem about Winter. I love all the seasons really I don’t […]

Lessons from the Sunflowers

Every year I plant seeds in the spring for summer flowering. I gain so much joy from watching them grow and when I plant, I plant with intention and imagine each seed being a positive intention for the future. I have a mantra running through my mind…. “Spring we sow, Summer we grow, Autumn we […]

All that inspires

When I decided that the foundation for everything that I was going to do from now on would be writing I wanted to become clear about all that inspired me. I had an old pin board that was sat doing nothing so I decided to be creative and make an inspiration board with my personal […]