Hello, everyone, my name is Andrea, I live in Manchester in the UK. I am a Yoga Teacher and a qualified Health & Life Coach. For those who have followed the blog from the time it first began will know that the original name of the blog was Love Yourself Better.  I began Love Yourself Better during my Reiki training in 2013 and I would often post thoughts and reflections here about that journey, the posts from that time are still visible to read.  Throughout the Reiki training my thought processes and the way how I saw myself changed dramatically. I learned so much about myself and really wanted to share some stories and help others to see, think and do things differently too.

Writing stories, poems and writing daily in a journal has been something that I have done from quite an early age and writing was one of the first things I started to do again to reconnect with myself.  I use normal daily life as my inspiration for the posts, I really enjoy writing them and I hope people enjoy reading them. What ever I write about I always try to be positive and share key learnings.

I share my writings to the Spiralling Sunbeams Facebook page and a group I run called Positive, Motivated and Empowered as well as Instagram andrealouiseywrites

I guess the name changes always seem to reflect a change in energy and vitality that I want to write with and perhaps write in a different way that would inspire others to do, think and see things differently, to personally grow and develop.  It is very much about using our humanism and all we experience on earth to inspire, make an impact on the lives of others and the environments we live and work in, so as humans we can thrive in the world around us.

Our lives on earth are so precious and short that we should be living our lives to the full.  We should not be waiting for fate to take over (as fate can be quite harsh in putting you where you need to be) and should enjoy ourselves in the here and now because it is the present that matters the most.  We should be doing all the things we want to do, making the most of our talents and reach for our full potential, because as humans we have masses of potential that we fail to tap into for various reasons, beliefs and attitudes.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, if you would like to know more or would like to join us on Facebook or the group you are more than welcome to join us

All my love



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