Facing the Adversity of Fear

How often do you find yourself facing and listening to your own fears. Currently from a personal perspective it is an everyday occurrence. That constant, I cannot do this, I am not good enough, I will never do it, imagining the worst possible outcome, is so draining. The thing is I am usually quite a positive person, look on the bright side of things but I am still struggling. I am trying not to judge the circumstances and I am just viewing my tendency to look at the dark side as an opportunity to learn, my light will return and it’s just the cyclical nature of life. It will pass.

The problem with fear is that it prevents us from moving forward, from seeing what is good in our world and our fears are not a true reflection of how the situation is. We start to undervalue our own contribution in our worlds, it distracts us from what we want to do and achieve in life. Things stop being joyful. This is usually the time when I put myself on the yoga mat and reflect, breathe and meditate. It may be I ask someone’s opinion, someone I can trust, someone who has a positive outlook or at least a balanced outlook. Someone who can provide a true assessment of the facts.

We should not pull away from the idea that this person may actually be ourselves. We all know the answers we are seeking. Sure, it’s okay to ask for advice and support, we all need that in our lives, but if we can just look beyond the self doubt, lack of faith and trust our inner light we can move the toughest of obstacles standing in our way.

All my love


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