A little Thank you

Me, again, there were a few other bits and pieces I wanted to add to the blog today but I did not feel it was the right place to add it to the earlier post.  My love yourself better blog has reached another milestone and has now hit 2000 views, although this may not be many compared to some other busier and popular blogs I can assure you that I am absolutely amazed, I never thought I would get past 500, I never thought I would get past one month, but there you go, you just never know what is going to happen do you.  Also I have noticed some new people taking an interest in the blog and from different places around the world too, so a big thankyou to you for your interest and I am grateful to you for sharing.  Thank you to my regular followers to, your encouragement and kind words that keep me going.

I still have the intention of promoting our hopes, dreams, wishes for the end of the year and into the new one and so if you see something you would like me to post please send it on to me…..xxx

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