Look around yourself

Good Morning and Merry Christmas to you all, some of you may already be aware but I have been taking part in Action for Happiness’s Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar, today we are on day 22 and its about asking yourself “How are you today….and listening?  So when you grab a brew today just take a minute to ask yourself “How am I and really listen to yourself.”  I have been practicing little meditation excercises recently to align my brow chakra, I have been learning how to quieten my mind and really listen to how I am really feeling about certain situations, its been quite a surprise I can tell you but extremely informative.

My plan of doing daily posts to put us all in a positive state has fallen down a little, it didn’t quite go to plan, not because I did not want to, or that I haven’t been thinking about it or collecting little posts that reflect hopes, wishes and dreams.  It is actually because I have not been around very much at home this week. My week has been busy with most nights catching up with friends, doing other bits and pieces, Christmassy things like everyone else.

After returning from the supermarket yesterday I decided to slow down and have a rest. I was watching a film called the “12 dates of Christmas, ”  have you seen it?  On the surface I just thought it was a bit of a cheesy film, but funnily I actually found it quite profound with lots of little life messages in it.  Its about a young woman who is determined to win her ex back, nothing else will do,  she just discounts other people around her and the kindness that she has shown by others.  Basically she lives Christmas Eve 12 times before she finally gets it right, acknowledges those around her and before she knows it she has a brand new wonderful life.  I started to think about what I had been doing in the past week, where I have been spending my time, who with etc.  Over the past few years I seemed to have seen myself saying goodbye to people who were in my life, sometimes it was for the best, sometimes it was the last thing I wanted and it has been heart wrenching but have understood the reasons for saying goodbye,their purpose, and I am grateful for the lessons they taught me.  I realised yesterday that my life has completely changed this year, there are so many new people who have come into my life and I am so grateful to them for inviting me into theirs, mixing this with the people who have been around me forever I see that I am one lucky lady and truly blessed at that…..

Lots of Love Andrea xxx




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