Make your soul happy

Hi everyone, it is awful outside isn’t it, I am just enjoying a pre festivity day off, where I seem to be doing very little.  Candles are lit, christmas tree lights are on and lavender oil is burning .  The kitties are asleep and I have the television on, life is good.  Before I share one of my goals for 2014, I wanted to tell you about a web page I have come across via twitter, it can be found at and is run by Rene Barrett, encouraging positivity in our lives, have a look I think you will like it, and another Manchester lady too.  On Rene’slast post before Christmas she posted a few links/resources we can use to help us become more positive.  There was one that I really like it can be found at  When you sign up you get an email prompt to ask you what 3 things you are grateful for each day, you reply by email and even attach a picture if you like, you can review your posts too.  I have signed up, I thought it was a lovely idea.

In 2014 I am going to be more conscious of what makes my soul happy and do more of it..


Love and Merry Christmas


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