When the unachievable is achieved

An amazing year has been achieved, it has been a time of change and development internally and externally.  It has been a time of surrender, letting go instead of clinging to the old and outdated. Leaving the things behind that no longer support Soul and Spirit, for it is there that the gold lies.  The gold  has been allowed to shine through instead of suffocating it behind  the controlling actions we allow ourselves to pose upon ourselves.

The seeds that were planted have grown and bloomed, the harvest is here.  For the seeds that did not grow there was no need for upset, no need for sadness, just a requirement to let them go.  They were never meant to grow, never meant to be,  and on this occasion had no part to play in the garden that exists. Even without them a beautiful garden still exists for all those who can see to see it.   The teachers along the way have been encouraging and supportive, steering me in the right direction and I thank them for what they have done and help they  have given to me.  I am thankful and grateful and will continue to support them in the work that they do.

My aim is to continue to let go of the past disappointments, release the fear and the beliefs that there are some things that are unachievable…BUT what was once seen has unachievable  has already been achieved, it has already happened, already occurred, you know it and you can already see it.

Love Andrea x

2 thoughts on “When the unachievable is achieved

  1. Wonderful stuff Andrea. You may have guessed that our workshop on Saturday was a time of change for me too and it means a lot that you choose to share and open up what you are doing . Like you its letting go of the fear….but we can do it. M.xxx

    • Absolutely, I don’t think we realise how fearful we are sometimes, or maybe how our fears affect us. I think they are often masked by day to day stuff and it is only when we take the time to sit quietly and listen to ourselves that it become apparent. Thanks for the comment Mick, it was a great workshop. Andrea x

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