Where my demons hide

I know I have been really quiet with this blog recently, I haven’t really had that much to write about and as you know I very much like them to be a natural process as opposed to forced. It seems better and more genuine and full of integrity that way. I find that posts either come to me very quickly or they may appear as a puzzle during the week and I have to wait for all the pieces to come together before I write something. Todays post title is a line taken from a song called Demons by the Imagine Dragons


Recently I have been interested in examining some of my “demons, as in why I behave in the way that I do, procrastinating with projects fearful of what will happen if I move forwards, letting my imagination run wild, not learning from situations that have been and gone, not believing in myself, holding on to the energy of past disappointments etc


Explaining this from a psychological viewpoint, Carl Jung the Swiss Psychologist would refer to what I call my “demons” as my shadow, the dark side of my personality. Now the shadow can either be positive or negative but more so negative. it is where our primitive and negative human emotions live due to its unenlightened nature, completely obscured from consciousness. . Whatever we deem evil, inferior or unacceptable and deny in ourselves becomes part of the shadow.


No matter what explanation exists I am well aware that it is not a healthy place to be and over the past week I have been using my reiki skills to face my fears head on, shaking off the old ready for the new. I have been actively healing and making positive long term plans for the future and questioning the rules, restrictions or limited beliefs that I have placed around myself or by others. It is time for the future, It is as Jake Bugg sings, in A song about love, “but out there in the future, maybe you’re the rainbow.”


So if you find your self in a similar situation, you just need to sit down, quiet the mind and look inside yourself and ask your self why am I stopping myself from doing something? Then all you have to di is listen, because it you take the time to listen to yourself and be honest the answers are already there and I am a great believer of that.


I am going to finish with an Abraham Hicks quote, it was something I had seen weeks ago and I copied and pasted it in a word document to use at a later date, but then forgot all about it and I stumbled on it this morning:-


Take the worthiness that is yours, and let the “Fairies of the Universe” assist you. Stop taking so much responsibility upon yourself, and live happily ever after. Shorten that crevasse between where you are and where you want to be, on every subject, to now, now, now, now, now. Ride the wave. Just pluck the fruit… You don’t have to be the one who puts it in the ground any more. You can just skip across the top of things and pluck the fruit of all of the things you want. “Oh, fruit. Oh, delicious this, delicious this, delicious this, delicious this.” In other words, it’s all right there for you; it’s ready for you to receive it as fast and as soon as you will vibrationally let it in.


See you all soon


Andrea xx

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