A happy January

It seems like ages since I last posted on love yourself but actually it wasn’t that long ago.  It was the day the blog reached its first anniversary.  January has been a fun and happy month for me so far, a little busy at times but so far so good.  I wondered if any of you saw this action for happiness poster this morning..


Is is Ghangh’s top 10 fundamentals for changing the world, how many of these feature in your life?  As I look back over the past few weeks all of these fundamentals have featured in my life at some point in January. At the very beginning I found myself forgiving myself for the past and letting go of old situations that no longer serve the present day.  I have taken action and embraced the future, I am forever stalling with my creativity, instead of feeling embarrassed or awkward I acknowledge it more, post and share it without cringing, I am instead proud of it.  I have been in difficult situations with others but instead of walking away in a huff or discounting them, I have taken a step back, looked at the bigger picture, looked at what is going on underneath the service, everyone is humaan and I have tried to find the good in others where perhaps it has been a challenge.  I have been persistent, authentic and true to myself.   I am even considering doing a bead post blog later, now that is progress :-).  I am wondering if this has all contributed to my happy January xxx

See you soon xx

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