Taking Brain Pictures

I tried to post this on Thursday night, but I could not get the video to load up and my brain wouldn’t function enough to work out how today.  Needless to say I have been a little more successful today.  I am in the middle of a 4 week happiness course with http://www.poppiuk.com.  This week we were focusing on our strengths.  We also watched a little video which can be found on soulpancake which I really wanted to share.  I love this video, I love the taking brain pictures bit.  It reminded me of travelling and all the hundreds of photos I have, upstairs and on my computer, its funny really because although its nice to look at them I still have all the memories stored in my head.  When I am out and about walking to and from work and I see people with their heads down focusing on their mobile phones and other pieces of technology, how many amazing moments, no matter how small are they missing.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, Andrea xx

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