See it for yourself

Hello everyone, hope you are all well? When I returned home yesterday from the airport the first thing I noticed was the brown leaves on the front lawn a sign that we have moved into Autumn, it is one of my favourite times of the year.  I love that cold and crisp feeling in the mornings with the sun shining, a little bit like today I guess, I noticed it when I let the kittens out for some fresh air.  Lenny and Eddie seemed pleased to be back home after their four night stay in the pet hotel, they look like they have been well looked after.  Although they seemed a bit nervous when they got home but once they realised they would still be allowed to go out as usual and have food when they need it they were back to normal running around the house at high speeds.

So after all my indecision and a little blip with my travel dates I finally got myself to Barcelona for a four night stay, its funny but I made a decision to go after a very busy period, I felt really weary and just needed a few days to do something completely different.  The night before I decided to go I came across this on Pinterest…..I must have slept on it 🙂 lol


There is something about travelling by yourself that gives you this amazing confidence, to have the courage to take yourself to a place where you do not really know the language or the area but still have such a great time.  I am an avid fan of lonely planets and I do have quite a large selection on my book case, they are great for planning your stay, what you want to do and for looking at maps in relation to where you are staying and what is around.  I love the planning part, it’s the part that gives me that sense of wanderlust, excitement and anticipation of what is to come.  I was a little nervous about going to Barcelona I have heard and read a lot of things about the safety aspect, pick pockets, muggings etc but I try not to focus on that and go with an open mind and heart and see for myself.

Barcelona is a busy and vibrant city, I had arrived at the time of the La Merce festival, a yearly carnival so there was a lot more going on than I expected.  After finding my hotel, dropped my case off in my room and got changed I was out and about heading for the tour bus.


I know people criticise the tour bus but I love it, especially if you are short on time and you really want to see and get a feel for a place.  By the end of my first day I had done the full Barcelona circuit, I had an idea of the places I wanted to go and visit, I had walked down the La Rambla and some of the small streets in Gothic Quarter.  Not once did I feel scared, despite the volume of people and the noise I felt calm, peaceful and centred.  The Spanish people were lovely and helpful, and helped out with my language difficulties, as much as I try with what little Spanish I know the French keeps coming instead.  Sure you have to be careful of your belongings but then you do when walking down Market Street in Manchester or whilst traveling the tube in London, I see no difference in Barcelona.  I was listening to a radio phone in, a child was talking to the DJ.  I noticed that the child and the DJ sounded exactly the same as if I were listening to the radio in English.  Throughout all my travels, it doesn’t matter where you are I realise that as humans we are all the same, we all feel, see and hear the same.  Barcelona is a vibrant city full of inspiration and history that I love so much. The evidence of passion and sensitivity of human nature is clear to see not only in those that have been and gone but in those who live in the present day, it does not matter on what scale this maybe or in what shape or form, the fact is that it is there and I saw it for myself, I find it all so reassuring.




Lots of Love Andrea xx

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