It will be alright in the end!

Well it has been a crazy few weeks and I have been looking forward to having some time off.  I was really undecided what to do with it, I had a flight booked to Barcelona but I wasn’t sure I wanted to go but after the bump and the crazy busy time I decided on Thursday morning that a few days away would be just what I needed.. So I promptly booked my  accommodation, sorted the kittens with a place to stay got all my clothes ready.  I was very pleased with myself as I was so organised..  Saturday evening and Sunday was going to be a nice relaxing time before my flight on Monday morning.   I arrived home from my parents on Saturday evening and I was planning to watch a film when I just happened to look at my flight details and to my horror realised my flight was today.  I had to be up and out in less that 12 hours.  So go had to sort another nights accommodation, taxi, the kittens.  I was horrified, but you know what it all turned out fine and it was all sorted without too much effort really.  I have had a lovely day, it was the right thing to come here. A although Barcelona is buzzing with people and festival atmosphere to me it seems peaceful, there are no judgements.  It’s definitely the right place to be.  I even had a laugh with the lady on the Clinique counter at the airport who after I told her about my little incident with my travel dates responded with, “oh sweetie darling stop it” it made me laugh!

I don’t know why I was so surprised that it all came together really.  Although I do like life to be calm, peaceful, I do thrive on those adrenaline pumping moments, I forget about that sometimes, and it’s usually in those moments that I produce the best stuff.  It’s weird how you forget bits of yourself.

See you all soon xx

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