Many Happy Returns

It has been a busy week since returning from Skye, I am also settling in two kittens Lenny and Eddie who are currently running (although it sounds more like horses galloping) around the house at high speed.   My garden is completely finished, finally looking as I imagined it to look, if not a little bit better.  I love the way it has all come together one year on from starting it, just in time for my birthday.  So much as occurred in the past year so much growth and positivity I cannot help thinking that the progression in the garden has mirrored that.  Now it is time to sit back, enjoy, and reap the rewards of my efforts.



Tomorrow is my birthday and people will be saying Many Happy Returns to me, a saying  that has been used since the 18th  century offering hope of a happy day and that in the future there will be many more to come.  Astrologists refer to many happy returns as the return of the sun to the exact time and place when you were born. Either way I always view my birthday as my new year, a time to reflect on what has been and gone, my achievements and my hopes and wishes for the future. I prefer it this way as to those of you who know me, you know I am not a fan of the New Year we celebrate on 1st January, not because I have some personal vendetta against it or I am boring it is just that for me January is half way through the year for me, I am still raring to go where everything else has slowed down and does not seem to get going again until at least February.


So I am off out for a little relax in the garden, I will see you all soon and thank you for reading.  Oh I have also added a little picture of the kittens.


Eddie is the one curled up and Lenny is the other wee one


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