Learning to have trust and faith

Following the blog post on Trust, Faith & Surrender I thought it would be a good idea to share a few of the tools I have used throughout the years to strengthen my relationship with trust and faith. In strengthening our ability to do so can only help us to allow ourselves to go with […]

Trust, Faith & Surrender

This year has really brought my relationship with trust, faith and surrender under the spotlight. It’s fair to say that my relationship with these three entities has been fraught over the years, sometimes I am in complete flow with them and our relationship is harmonious, and then other times we jarr, we fall out and […]

Letting go: a foundation to grow from

I think I t was about May or June time that my worlds started to collide and that everything that I was enjoying, everything I had created felt and became too much. I realised that all my ideas, dreams, my work was becoming such a muddled confused mess I had no option but to press […]

Pressing the Reset Button

In 2019 I made one of the biggest decisions to take a step back in my nursing career, take a leap of faith to focus more on teaching yoga, developing a coaching business and generally doing more and more of what my heart wanted to do. I was excited, full of enthusiasm for the possibilities […]

Spiralling Sunbeams

In the introduction to the blog on the About page I introduce the Facebook page I own called Spiralling Sunbeams (you are more than welcome to come and join us there). The concept of Spiralling Sunbeams is that human beings just like the sun radiate an enormous amount of energy that reaches out to others […]

Creating the dream

I can remember the moment vividly, Sunday 2nd December 2018. I had just taken part in a meditation as part of Jay Shetty’s Coaching Group. I was deeply unhappy where I was in that moment and nothing was how I anticipated it to be. In the work I was doing I felt so restricted, it […]

Love your own uniqueness

Every single human being on this planet will have strengths, weaknesses, talent and skill. Some of us will embrace those elements, some of us will try to hide them perhaps for not wanting to be seen. Perhaps our talent and skill was not encouraged growing up and we were made to feel they were wrong […]

Sliding Door Moments

Recently I shared a story on my yoga page about how I became a yoga teacher. It was one of those sliding door moments. I had completed an application form for a University Lecturers post but something didn’t feel right and so I decided to sleep on it. The following day an email appeared in […]

An act of self care

Earlier in the year I promised myself that whatever was coming towards me I was going to allow myself to have some time off. I recognised that it was very much needed on all the human levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Work wise it had been a tough year and I was exhausted, permanently […]

The Willow Wind

Hi, so I took a couple of hours this afternoon to sit in my garden and enjoy the sun. We have seen a lot of rain over the past few weeks and I have noticed that the flowers have struggled to bloom. It was lovely just to sit here quietly with very little sound apart […]