The Heart Sanctuary

🥀Over the past month I have been sharing a weekly affirmation card from either Gabrielle Bernstein or Tosha Silver in The Soul Sanctuary Facebook group. I noticed over the weeks that there was similar wording and colours. I thought it was worth having a look for patterns. I told the group I would write about it once I had worked out the patterns and perhaps meaning. I did write about it but then I also wrote a poem. What I took from the affirmations is that if we find ourselves in a dark place we just need to sit still and have moments of quietness, stillness. You can engage with a meditation practice if you wish but in the stillness the answers will come. I like to focus on my heart in these moments, if the words are soft and gentle I know it’s my true heart and not my ego or head over ruling the heart. I know true wisdom will always shine through.

The Heart Sanctuary

♥️Within the stillness we sit in reflection
The quietness and calmness of contemplation
Not really knowing where we should start
We find the courage to sit with our heart
Embracing all that Is hidden but feel
The swirling green tells us it’s time to heal

♥️Those days that felt like walking through mud
We wondered what it was like to feel good
Those moments we only saw the dark
Searching for hope, that much needed spark
Perhaps it is time to change how we think
Within that moment a flicker of pink

♥️The purple swirls up above
Leave the fear and return to love
Things are not always as they seem
Allow yourself to love your dream
Never worry there is no place to start
To trust and seek the sanctuary within our heart

All my love ♥️

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