Embracing Winter

💐In the Summer I made a pact with myself to honour the seasons more. It wasn’t really a case of being one with nature but the inspiration we can take from each season and what we can learn from them. This year where there has been so much uncertainty we know that the seasons will change, we know they are coming and each season will represent something different to us.

Recently I realised I wasn’t really honouring winter very much, I wasn’t really taking much notice of my own words to rest, review and renew. I am too stressed and hyper-anxious. It wasn’t just rest I needed, it was deep rest and to stop fighting for the future, but to let go and surrender. Why is this so hard to do? I don’t know, but I guess it’s something to do with the loss of control. The thing is I wasn’t sure what deep rest looked like for me, a yoga practice perhaps but I felt that there needed to be more. Deep rest is about taking the time to nurture ourselves, eating well, feeling safe, warm and cosy. Maybe creating a safe sanctuary for ourselves. Perhaps it’s having a soak with some Epsom salts or our favourite bubbles, quiet time, reading, moving our bodies, a gentle walk or a good dance to your favourite tunes. It’s the moment we realise we don’t have to rush.

💐what would be in your nurturing kit ♥️

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