A mouse tale

I was sitting in the long grass, under the moonlight and stars, eating some fruits and seeds. I was deep in thought and enjoying the moment when wooooosh, I was swiped up by a cat. He had these huge white paws and quite frankly I didn’t stand much of a chance. In his mouth he carried me to his home, I could just about see. We went through the little door and I heard click click, into the kitchen and through the big door. My heart beating fast I wondered what was going to happen next. The big cat put me on the rug and I decided to play dead. I’m not sure what happened but the big cat became distracted and started to wash his paws. Quick!!! I scurried under the sofa.

I eyeballed the cat still washing his paws, wondering how much time he spends doing that each day. He stops, looks around with a puzzled look on his face. I think he maybe wondering where I’ve gone. He walks over the the TV, colder, colder, over to the cupboard too cold, cold, I snigger but then he turns. He sees me under the sofa and starts pounding towards me, warmer, warmer hot hot hot, “Eeeek”. I scurry out the door and hide behind the fridge, gasping “phew, I just made it.”

Well, it’s been 6 hours and the big cat has been standing guard at the fridge all that time. Talk about patience and persistence. No one can see me, I’m out of the way but the cat knows and the human is on edge and suspicious. She keeps saying, “Eddie what have you done?” Eddie doesn’t answer only looks at her briefly and continues to stare for life and country.

I’ve been here a few days now, it’s nice and cosy. I’ve been exploring around the house. I just have to be careful as there are two big cats and not just one. Since the cat stopped staring the human has been much more relaxed and still doesn’t know I’m here. I’ve been sleeping under her bed but she doesn’t know that yet.

It’s late at night and I hear the human in the office tapping onto her computer. The big cats are out and so perhaps it’s time to do some more exploring. I’m hungry now and could do with some food. I scurry out the bedroom and across the landing. It’s only then I hear the mighty scream, “oh no I’ve been seen, the time has come to leave.”

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