A poem to start the week off. This one is about being in conflict with yourself. Recognising that you are not in the best place. If we actually stop and pause you will always understand what is going on, you are your own wisest of wise. Where we are upset angry we are closed off to love that surrounds us….

♥️The Heart Keeper

♥️She sits on the fence on the edge of the meadow
Thoughts racing of what to do next
Be brave and stay or
Fall to the shadow and go
Neither seemed to be right or wrong today
It’s in these moments she wishes for a mentor
But no one knows and there has never been an answer
A twisted journey that runs so deep
Confusing snippets that seem to taunt
A healing journey of burrowed thoughts
It’s on these days she wishes it was over

♥️The light of the sun is fading fast
Gentle light appears through the scattered cloud
Turning the hands over she prays to receive
Scattered thoughts returning to peace
A moment to pause and then she appears
The wisest of wise is with her now
Darling why is it that you do not see?
The magic of what is here to be
For you are the one that holds the key
That opens doors and sets them free
The Heart Keeper you are here to be

♥️A light in the darkness quickly appears
She jumps off the fence and heads towards home
She sees as she is and not as it is
Realising now she is part of the problem
A future blighted by negativity and mistrust
Failing to see the magic of love
Perhaps it’s time to bring in the new
Open her heart at let it flow though
She opens her hands and sees the key
It all makes sense it opens hearts
The Heart Keeper she is here to be

All my love


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