A walk in winter wonder

Feelings of chaos lurking inside

Thoughts are goading and irritating

I took a short drive to a place of nature

Early morning scenery, I had to stop

A time to pause and have a walk

From the lakeside I gasped in awe & wonder

A feeling of calm washed all over

The healing presence of the Sun in Winter

Shines on the surface of the gentle still water

The silvery tones, a reflection of my soul

Usually a place of bustling movement

Silence and serenity is all around

Even the birds enjoying a moment of wonder

Encouraging a change to my perspective

The grass beneath my feet is wet

Thawing from the seasons first frost

Scattered leaves red and gold

Trees are bare but strong and bold

I imagine their roots running deep into the earth

Holding secrets we would love to hear

Perhaps if I move a little closer they will whisper

I look around and feel warm inside

I see two benches side by side

I imagine them waiting or holding space

Perhaps for the return of the usual bustling nature

I wonder what our futures hold

Maybe that is something only Winter will know

As I imagine the Earths plans rumbling beneath my soles

The sound of the engines break my thoughts

Stillness and Serenity replaced with fraught

I swiftly move on and up through the day

Chores and responsibility cannot be ignored

But every so often I pause and smile

Reflecting upon the magical moments

A Monday walk in Winter wonder

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