This week I started a Winter writing course. I thought it was a great opportunity to leave my working world behind me whilst I am on leave. It feels good to lose myself in something else.

For the warm up exercise I wrote a poem about Winter. I love all the seasons really I don’t have a favourite but the Winter memories from my childhood are my favourite. The poem encompasses all my memories of Winter time, waltzing through the streets in the evening, counting all the Christmas lights twinkling as we made our way to see my Grandma and other family members. My Grandma had these really unusual Nativity set with Angels that fascinated me, their white coats and sparkling red trim.

I see you winter out the corner of my eye

A cosy cottage, Georgian windows with twinkly lights

Outsider looking in, I can feel the warmth

of the burner

I smile to myself, I know you winter

I walk down the street, cold air on my face

The darkness surrounds me, frost beneath my feet

The bells ring out and the singers sing

Bringing joy to my soul, I hear you winter

With the key in the door I, enter our space

Closing the door I see our cats on the stairs

The darkness and cold has already left

The comfort of home sits with me now

Sounds from the tv, tree lights twinkling, the fire is roaring

Not to mention the delicious smell of cinnamon lingering

Our family will be arriving soon for silliness and laughter,

Oh how I feel you Winter

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