Spiralling Sunbeams

In the introduction to the blog on the About page I introduce the Facebook page I own called Spiralling Sunbeams (you are more than welcome to come and join us there). The concept of Spiralling Sunbeams is that human beings just like the sun radiate an enormous amount of energy that reaches out to others and the environment we live in.  As we learn and understand more about ourselves and love the parts of us that have been neglected and dismissed the more we can reach out just like the sunbeam and provide light , warmth, love, support, compassion and understanding. The more we understand the more we can start to see, think and do things differently. We will understand that everything in the world is energy and the interconnectedness that exists between humans and all that is surrounds us. We are not separate and whatever we say or do will always impact another or entity. Just like the spiral we start at the beginning and we rise up together, we lift the vibration of the planet and lend a helping hand to those who need it through our love, warmth and energy. Doesn’t the world need more of this right now?

Thank you for reading, all my love


Facebook: Spiralling Sunbeams

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