Love your own uniqueness

Every single human being on this planet will have strengths, weaknesses, talent and skill. Some of us will embrace those elements, some of us will try to hide them perhaps for not wanting to be seen. Perhaps our talent and skill was not encouraged growing up and we were made to feel they were wrong in some way. I definitely fit into the “not wanting to be seen category.” From growing up the more I tried to “fit in” to what society thought I ought to be, the more unhappy I became. Resolving that unhappiness meant that I stood out and I have not always been uncomfortable with that.

I think the uncomfortableness stems around from the isolation and loneliness I have felt following my own path. I have often felt that path has led me away from some of the experiences that my heart so desires and it has been painful. For that I am guilty of not always loving my own uniqueness, I have not wanted to be seen.

Yet, I feel so grateful for all that I have experienced and learnt, that through what I do I am able to share that growth and learning with others to help them on their own unique journeys too.

Over time I have learned to embrace my own uniqueness. I know myself enough to know that sometimes it is best to do what does not seem logical to everyone else and just do what feels right for me. Of course not loving that part of me is only hurting me and is restricting and limiting my own potential, opportunities and dreams. So I have chosen to overcome it and learn to accept, embrace and love my own uniqueness. Never be afraid to be you, bringing your own uniqueness, talent and skill to share with the world can only make it a better place. Have the confidence to be you.

All my love


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