Sliding Door Moments

Recently I shared a story on my yoga page about how I became a yoga teacher. It was one of those sliding door moments. I had completed an application form for a University Lecturers post but something didn’t feel right and so I decided to sleep on it. The following day an email appeared in my inbox from my yoga teacher saying he would be starting a Yoga Teacher Training school the following September and I just knew that that was the right thing, I knew it was time for a change to do something different even though the lecturers post just seemed the next logical step for my career at that time.

From that moment of making that decision my whole world started to open up and open my mind to doing something new. I left my Health Protection Job and moved into Quality Improvement role, working with care providers and also on the Dementia Strategy. We did some great work, won awards and achieved a lot of recognition for the work we did. We had some amazing collaborations, it was so much fun and a real joy to work there. I guess what I would like to share or what I have learnt here is that sometimes a fork in the road appears, what is in front of us can seem the most logical step to take but if we take the path that scares us the most, the one that we know our heart strings are tugging at it will open us up to experiences that we could never really imagine. Over time I have realised that the more I take a risk the more I meet and work with the right people, have the right experiences and learn the right lessons too.

All my love


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