Love is all you need

imageSaturday morning I am sat in a cafe about 20 minutes away from home. I am sat reading lonely planet travel magazine. I look up and notice opposite me is a vintage style sign with the words LOVE is all you need. An overwhelming need to write wells up inside of me. I think I was born to write I just find it hard to create the space in my head that allows the right words to come through. I already know what I have to write, the dialogue has been coming through for a few days. Unable to articulate the words I need I know they will come through better on paper or in the present moment typed onto my iPhone in the notes page.

Standing alone with your thoughts and beliefs has to be one of the hardest things to face in life. You know the one where you have an opinion about something or a dream you want to fulfil but you find that everyone is against you, no one is with you, you are on your own.

It takes strength and courage to stand your ground because you know in your heart of hearts that you are right or you want to do something that you know is right for you. The thing is, what I have learnt over time is that standing your ground and walking the path you deserve comes with consequences. People turn against you, you are frozen out, ignored and isolated by those who feel you should follow their path. Their path is better for you, they wrongly assume they know their path is better for you. To not follow their path to these people means you are disloyal, you don’t care, you are going to forget about them and so they try to control you by ignoring you or saying hurtful things.

We have been blessed with privilege
to choose what we want to do with our time on earth, we are blessed with the choice to believe or not to believe in something, and if it isn’t hurting anybody what is the harm.

When will people learn that to hurt, controlled or manipulate can have devastating consequences on a persons physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual well being. To walk your own path does not mean you don’t care, it doesn’t mean you have no respect. When will these people learn that to stand tall, have strength and the courage to walk your own path, to have your own beliefs doesn’t require their criticism, opinion or control, it just requires their love and support-that is all that is needed. image

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