That Milestone

The year before last at the beginning of the year I wrote a little reflection piece about the previous year. Although I had intentions of writing something this year about last year it did not happen. As you know I will not write if it is forced, for me the words only go down on paper when they are ready to go down on paper.


I have had a fairly quiet weekend, I have been working my way through “My Mad Fat Diary” watching one episode after the other I can’t really remember the last time I sat down still for so long. If you don’t know the story it is about the diary of a 16 year old girl who has suffered a mental break down and it follows her recovery, therapy and coping mechanisms in her world. It was quite a compelling watch and I certainly recognized some of her experiences, feelings and emotions in myself, it prompted some reflection on my own life.


I have a feeling that this will be my final piece in the Love Yourself Better Blog, I am not sure why, I just have a feeling that it is time for something new. I mean, “never say never” but it is just a feeling I have. At the end of the week I will be celebrating my 40th birthday and I thought it would be a good time to write down what I learnt along the way…


Sometimes life just doesn’t go your way, it is always easy to say it but try not to worry, life has a funny way of turning out ok


There are many routes to success, you don’t have to follow a strict, straight path


I understand the benefits of having a 5 year, 10 year plan etc. I remember having one, I did everything on that plan but when I look back at that time, it was the most miserable time of my life.


Sometimes we choose a career path but later in life may discover that it is not the best thing for us, it isn’t the kindest thing for ourselves


It is ok to get up and walk away from something that is truly destroying your heart and soul, no matter what people say


Sometimes doing something new and different is the best medicine life can offer plus you never know what it might lead to


Be open to new experiences, even if things do not work out, you will obtain new skills and knowledge that will never leave you and you will be able to use them somewhere, somehow in your life.


Be open to knew people you just never know what you may learn


Sometimes people come into our lives that are just not good for us, they do not have your best interests at heart even though they say they do, they reflect your fears and have no support for your hopes and dreams


Some people are happy to support, encourage, love and help you,out in your time of need- keep hold of them, they are the best.


Always listen to your intuition


By all means ask people for advice but only you alone know what is best for you


Be true to your self about what you love


If you want to do something just do it, even if it is a case of taking baby steps for the next 5 years, it will be good for you


Just because your life isn’t like everyone else’s doesn’t mean it is wrong or will turn out in a negative way, it is just different.


Sometimes going with the flow just brings about the most amazing opportunities instead of trying to control everything and anything you do because ultimately we are humans not part of a process on a conveyor belt


Live your life and be with others.


All though it is hard, speaking up about how you really feel is the best way to go, it can move mountains


If there is something you cannot change, try changing how you think about it, try and turn it into something positive


I am sure there are many more I could write but I would be going on forever. I think what I would like to say is that even though life, can break you, pull you apart, make you cry and hurt you, you are never alone, there will always be someone somewhere experiencing something similar, we are all the same.


I don’t mind turning 40, I am quite happy, relaxed, peaceful and content with who I am, what I do and what I have experienced. For the record and I have said it many times before I do not feel old, I feel healthy, young and just/well myself really.   I have no idea what is to come but I know I am full of excitement and anticipation-it has taken such a long time to get here it feels good.


So as I was saying, I have a feeling this is my last piece I will write here, I just want to thank everyone for reading and supporting me whist I have been writing the love yourself better blog. There have been a few topics that I would have liked to have written about but didn’t but may be I will one day but in a different format.


And my final words…


Be kind to yourself, love yourself and if you don’t strive towards loving yourself better..


Andrea xx

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