Focus on the beauty

Happy June everyone! Yes,  I got there in the end, I have finally managed to create 12 hours of head space to create a blog post this June.  I have been so busy, it is funny how having a couple of jobs done around the house, no matter how organised you are creates so much chaos.  Anyway its all done and dusted and I have cleaned and put the paintbrushes away.

I am sitting in my lovely garden having breakfast and reading my Lonely Planet magazine, a little luxury that I cannot seem to give up.  To me it is 140 pages of positivity that exists in the world.



I love to travel, it does not matter where, it could be a 40 minute trip away down the M62 to a place that I have never been before or it could be half way across the world, I love it all.  In museums I am the person with the headset or guide book happily learning away.  I particularly love stories about buildings and paintings, the history of places, little quirks that exist.  I love a breathtaking view, seeing the sunset, seeing the sunrise, I relish in the beauty of it all.  I have just realised that I am not quite sure where I am going with this but the reason I am writing this is because of the News on the TV.  I go through periods of not watching it and watching it.  I watch it because I feel I need to be aware of current issues but at the same time I do not like it because it is just so horrible.  I feel completely disillusioned with politics, rarely do I voice a political opinion but is there anybody out there with good and capable leadership skills? A person who you would be proud of and feel reassured by.  There is far too much violence, hatred, its just all so sad. It is not just the news though is it?  Its other programs on TV, for example some of the soaps, not enough love, just screaming, shouting, violence, crime.  Yet here we are living in this amazing world with so much beauty around us and opportunity that sometimes we just do not pay them enough attention.

So for me the  best part of the past week the TV has been switched off, living in my little world of flowers, beads and Spring Watch.

I have been wanting to write up quite a big blog post recently on places I have visited and what I have experienced in each place, I guess it is a bit different from what I usually do but …it is all about the love and positivity so why not. I will be working away on that shortly.


Love Andrea xx

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