Little ideas

Hello everyone, I hope you have had a lovely Christmas, it seems to have come and gone so fast.  I have just returned from visiting relatives, it has been so nice catching up with family you do not see so often.

I have been browsing for inspiration and I have come across a lovely little post on Pinterest that I will share with you shortly. This time last year I had the longest list of things that I wanted to do in 2013, I have done most of them and a whole lot more too, its been one hell of a year of personal growth it really has.  It is amazing to think that this time last year I hadn’t even thought about doing a blog, let alone naming one, or what it would be about.

The idea behind the blog actually came from a real desire to write something and wanting to do something positive.  I just felt there was too much negativity around, in the news, on TV, newspapers, other people etc.  The idea just grew out of nowhere really and came into my head the week before I started writing, which was about mid January.  The name came into my head when I saw a post on a web page and I am sure it was not meant to cause offence, but i saw red…..




Please do not misinterpret what I am saying I do believe that everyone deserves kindness whether they have been unkind or not, but for me, I felt like this post was saying, “it’s okay to treat me with unkindness”, promoting doormat behaviour.  Maybe I was a bit hypersensitive but it made me realise how passionate I am about people standing up for themselves, not being bullied, encouraging people to do the things they really want to without being ridiculed or being “put off by others reactions.  I really wanted to promote being positive and living life to the full.  So even though I did not like the little post I am actually grateful for it because love yourself better would never have been born.

So take notice of all your little ideas, it does not matter if they seem silly, never fear the reactions of others.  If you really want to do something then go for it, even if you have to take baby steps to get it off the ground, you just never know where it may take you….


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