To truly love someone

I really really need to go out and get some fresh air but I have had an issue burning a hole in my head since yesterday, I have procrastinated, not wanting to see my words in black and white but if I don’t put something down today, it will just keep me awake at night.

I wanted to write about what it means to truly love someone, and in keeping in with the focus of the blog that someone being yourself.  Have you ever considered what it truly means to love yourself?  It might come as a  bit of a surprise since my blog encourages you to love yourself and do all the things that you love but I have not really considered what that means for myself.  Sure I love what I do, I love all my little projects, I enjoy and appreciate everything and everyone around me, but if you asked my inner core, my soul, my heart if I truly loved myself, what would be the answer.

I only the raise the issue because yesterday I was talking to two very lovely people who I trust and appreciate, they are both a very positive influence on me, they tell me how it is, they are honest and straight talking.  Instead of leaving me to ponder their words on my own they always offer, advice, support and solutions to how I can help myself, and I love that.  The conversations took place separately and both friends said exactly the same thing, that I love myself but not enough, and you know what they are absolutely right I don’t love myself enough. Deep down you know I already knew it, but it is hearing the words out allowed that make you sit up and take notice and want to do something about it.  I woke up this morning and sat and had a little think why I don’t love myself enough and I came up with a list of eight reasons.  Now I won’t share them as I guess I do need to keep some of my dignity in tact but it made me realise that loving yourself is not just about the loving the good things it is about accepting and loving the things that you don’t like either.  Changing such a big perception needs to be done with care, thought, attention and is all about the baby steps.  After some time reflecting I realised that without experiencing the things that I don’t love about myself I would never have done half the things that I have done throughout my life.  In some ways not truly loving myself has served a purpose but right now it is not serving me, it is time to stop hating but loving truly.

Sometimes I feel embarrassed when I truly write from the heart but in doing so I hope it allows you to have a little look inside and ask yourself, do I truly love myself?  If you don’t, don’t be too hard on yourself, don’t feel down just see it has an opportunity to learn and turn things around.  There really is a better way to be……


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