Take care of yourself

Wow, well if you had asked me 20 minutes ago if I was going to write something tonight I would have said no, I love it when something turns up out of the blue.  I have just sat down and was having a little think and all of a sudden an idea came into my head.  I am a little worried about the blog at the moment, it seems to have lost its momentum, or maybe it is me that has lost the momentum, I have just been so busy.  I am usually really good at juggling all my little worlds but last week it all collided together.  By  Friday I was tearful, my body’s way of telling me I had overdone it, again.  At that point I still hadn’t realised that I needed to have some chill time and it was only after I made my way over to Hebden Bridge over the tops (Cragg Vale) that it became clear I was a little stressed.


Heading over Cragg Vale

 Usually I enjoy the drive, its relaxed, not many other drivers about, I love looking at all the colours up there, its so beautiful.  However, I spent the whole time, tense, gripping the wheel and my teeth were gritted.  By the time I arrived at Hebden Bridge I felt shattered.  A little time spent in the Earth and Spirit shop I bought a couple of new crystals and a little oil burner and some lavender and I started to relax a little but by the time I arrived home again I was all tense again,  it was time for me to sit up and take notice, time to have a rest, an hour or so of doing very little.

At home, I lit some candles, put the oil burner on, and made myself nice at warm and I sat and watched TV for about 2 hours.  During that time, I felt myself relax, I had not realised how tense I was.  Within hald an hour I felt completely different  I am not sure when I last sat down and watched a little bit of television, I think its been about 2-3 weeks, I can’t remember, it seems that somewhere I had forgotten to sit down and have a rest.  

We all lead very busy lives, and I think we can all probably say that sometimes we allow the busy-ness to take over, we think of others before we think of ourselves, and thats okay but there needs to be a balance.  It is really important that we also look after ourselves, if we cannot look after ourselves how can we look after others properly.  Whatever you do to relax, go to the gym, have a laugh with friends, have a glass of wine, it doesn’t matter just as long as  you do it.  Even if it is  30 minutes or an hour, switching off and doing something for YOU can work wonders, so please don’t forget yourself.  You deserve a bit of time for you.

Thank you for reading

Andrea xx

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