Surrender to the moment

It has been a dark and rainy week so far, I have been wondering how long is it going to last, even the kitties are fed up, they do not seem keen on going out in the rain.  They are currently bounding up and down the stairs running through the house, full of energy.  I am eager to get out in the garden and finish my tidy up, I suppose I could put my waterproofs and wellies on but the rain is too heavy, I think it would be madness.   I do not usually buy plants this time of year but with the dark days I thought a few winter pansies would be quite nice, brighten the garden up a bit.

This morning GPS for the Soul posted a morning mantra “Surrender to the moment.”  I often forget to surrender to the moment, enjoy the here and now.  Expecting things to turn out one way instead of just going with the flow and allow things happen as they are meant to.  It’s a shame really because when we do surrender to the moment we often find the gold in our existence, in our present.   This week though I have been good though, probably because I have slowed down, turned off the TV and ipod and just enjoyed the moments at home.  I haven’t focused too much on not being able to go out in the garden but accepted it and have been focusing on other activities that I enjoy instead.  Here is what I have been up to:-

I have been baking, I made a lovely apple crumble, with a yummy oat, walnut and nutmeg topping, and later I will be making some brownies



I have been shopping, for myself and a few Christmas presents too, I always like to get my shopping in early, it spares me the panic in the crowded shops, I have never been good in crowded and small spaces.  Besides once its done I can sit back and enjoy the atmosphere and the festivities.


I have been making some jewellery pieces too, here is a little pendent I made, I bought the Rose azurite in Barcelona.  I have been making some pieces for friends but this one is for me.  I have been quite surprised because all my favourite colours are red, green, purple and pink but whenever I have made myself something recently it has always been blue.


I have also been entertaining the kittens, keeping them out of mischief….


Thank you for reading xx

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