Human Capacity

As some of you are aware I provide reiki and massage to patients at one of the local hospices.  I am a very lucky lady as when I am at the hospice I work in a lovely room, with a lovely atmosphere.  It has a very calm, warm and positive feel about it.  It is an opportunity for the patient to completely relax and sometimes open up.  Sometimes I am asked questions about life and the universe that are a little difficult to answer, it isn’t that I am not knowledgeable or have a limited life experience that makes it difficult to answer, I do not think anyone  who was asked those questions would find an easy answer.

When I am struggling to answer the question, I look to a picture that I am usually facing on the wall and then read the words.


 If you are unable to read the print on the picture it says :-


“There is no such thing as limits to growth, because there are no limits to the human capacity for intelligence, imagination and wonder”

Within seconds of reading the words, I usually find the right words to answer the question.  I have always had a strong belief that as humans we have masses of potential but just fail to use it, blocking our own progress by can’t do’s or won’t do’s, but if you actually looked a little bit deeper and your own reasoning for blocking your own progress I think you will find that those can’t do’s and won’t do’s will very quickly turn into I can do and I will do.

Lots of love xxx

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