As the seasons change…

I was not planning on writing anything tonight but all of sudden I got the urge, lol 🙂 I have been really cold over the past week, you can tell the seasons are changing. I have noticed that all the summer flowers are looking a bit forlorn too, I really need to do some tidying but I have been putting it off with my sore back.  It is sad to see them die off but I feel its time to allow the seasons to change and for my focus to shift a little to something else, I mean even I know myself that I have been garden obsessed this year.

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year, I love the colours, the clothes, its all nice and cosy.  I do not even mind the dark nights as such but by January I have had enough.  With the dark nights drawing in I needed to find something to replace my gardening and last night I posted my very first post on my new blog it’s just about beads, The blog is very different form this one, it is about my journey into the world of beading and about my learning process.  Please feel free to have a look and to follow what I am doing.  Where I will end up with it I do not know but I thought it would be good to record my progress along the way.  

I love just having a go at stuff that I have never done before and just seeing what happens, I never worry to much if it doesn’t work, I just enjoy the journey.  

I know this is a little bit random but before I go I was rooting through a notebook yesterday and I found this, it is a little poem that I wrote for a friend who was going to a wedding and she wanted to read something, thought I may as well share it 🙂

Sometimes love can take it’s time

For which there is no reason or rhyme

A space in time that goes on and on

Holding out for that special one

And then it happens that bond of love

So special it could have been sent from above

A true love that will last forever

As lovers and friends you will live together

As you stand there holding hands

It’s time to exchange the wedding bands

That moment where you say I do

The future you will look forward to

Clearly a union that was meant to be

Full of warmth and love we can see

And so in this church we congregate

A special wedding we will celebrate


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