An act of kindness

I do miss my blog when I do not have contact with it for a few days, it has been more than a few days now though it has been over a week.  My week as usual  has been busy, lots of positivity and good things happening but unlike other weeks it has been mixed with emotion and sadness as we said a final farewell to a lovely relative yesterday who died a few weeks ago.   I often wonder why we have funerals when they are so harrowing, I rarely find comfort in attending a funeral.  All those raw emotions that you feel when a loved one dies is played out again a week or two later and somehow your emotions seem ten times worse.

My mind hasn’t really been on the blog and I have struggled to write anything.  Sometimes when I feel like this I have a little drive out  away from Manchester for a little inspiration.  I never usually need to go very far and by the time I get back home I will have a blog post in my head ready to type up.  After the funeral yesterday I decided I needed a day away from the house.  After a toying with a few ideas I decided on the Piece Hall in Halifax.  I have never been before but I had heard all about it and it sounded like it would be the kind of place that I would like, the type of place what I would come away from inspired, and I did, but with a little more than I bargained for.

I arrived in Halifax around mid morning, sadly not in the same happy frame of mind that I had left the house a little while before.  A man had driven into the back of me at a roundabout and I was a little shaken. The other driver and I were not hurt in anyway but I felt a little jittery and teary, I suppose it was the shock.  I did think about going back home but I did not want the accident to  spoil my day in anyway.  When I arrived at the Piece Hall I was not really in the mood and I really wanted to go home.  I looked around for a little while when I spotted a little shop that I was immediately drawn too.  I won’t tell you the name of the shop but I thought it would be the kind of place that would be good to visit after the bump, I thought it would make me feel better.  So off I went, walked in and the gentleman in the shop said hello, a few minutes later he asked if I was okay and at first I hesitated but then I told him about the bump and I explained that I was still a little shaken.  He asked me a few questions about it and then he made me a cup of tea and offered me a seat.  He asked me how the bump had made me feel and about the worries I had about it.  He listened to what I said and then offered explanations about my worries and fears, he made me see that I really had nothing to worry about.  I left the shop feeling completely different, lighter and happier and I am so grateful.  I did not know him before I went into the shop and he did not know me, yet he showed me compassion and kindness when I needed it the most, it did not even cost a penny-don’t you just love it…….. xx


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