Dare to be you (part two)

“There is something liberating about not pretending.  Dare to embarrass yourself.  Risk” 

Drew Barrymore

So this is it, my 100th post, I never thought the blog would continue in the way that it has.  I love my blog, I love blogging, I have even come up with a few more ideas for blogs.  I have been thinking of doing a jewelry making one, I mean I am not fabulous at it, in fact I am quite a novice and my pieces tend to fall apart but I thought that it would be a nice way of charting my progress and keep myself motivated along the way to find my own style.  I have noticed this about blogging it makes you quite positive and motivated in the thing that you do and want to promote.

Yesterday, if you remember or you visited the blog I posted the dare to be you picture, it was sent to me via twitter and it made me laugh.  I laughed because I think there is some truth in that and it is  also something that I have been guilty of myself.   As humans we are often too scared to show our real selves to the outside world, scared that we may ridiculed, scared to be different or stand out from the crowd, may be there is an element of vulnerability that if we show our real selves that will be hurt in some way.


Two years ago I started my first Reiki course, a holistic therapy in its own right promoting relaxation and a stress reliever but for myself I have very much used it as a personal development tool.  Two years down the line, I am a lot wiser and more accepting of my individuality.  I would not go as far as saying that I love it but I like it, which is a really big turn around because there was a time when I would have said I hated it.  I have spent a lot of years trying to fit in where I do not really belong and I have spent many a time frustrated because my life has not followed the same path of everyone else’s. I do not really like standing out from the crowd very much, despite my outside confidence and passion for standing up for what I believe in, I am actually quite shy.

Throughout my Reiki training I have often been told that my individuality is my greatest asset, usually this has been met with a grimace and a snarl from me, but my teacher is right, it is my greatest asset.  It was only when I stopped trying to be like others and trying to push my round peg life into a very square and rigid hole that my individuality began shine through.  It was only when I stopped trying to control how my life should be did the gold start to shine through. It is when all the unusual and amazing twists and turns start to happen and I love that. Going with the flow is much easier than trying to steer yourself into a place that is not meant for you.

I know I always give academia a hard time, I do not mean to sound so negative about it because it provides us with the most amazing opportunities.  I always associate academia with being unhappy, it was too rigid for me.  It was only when I stopped and listened to myself that by pretending to like it and trying to fit in with everyone else and their expectations that I was making myself miserable.  If I had not sat up and taken notice I would never have embraced the love of writing creatively, my love of travel, gardening, making things and you know how much I love all of those things now, it is actually very liberating.

I do look back and laugh at myself now, it is always good to have a laugh at your self really, all that time spent trying to fit it, I was so miserable, what was I thinking.  Embracing your own unique self is definitely the best way to be, your uniqueness it is your greatest asset…..


Lots of love

Andrea xx

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