Facing your fears

Afternoon everyone I hope you are all well, I am having a few days annual leave this week, catching up on a few jobs and making a little time for creativity.  Its been all go as you know for a while now so it is quite nice to just take a little time to wind down and relax, do the things that you love to do and recharge those batteries.


I have had a real urge to head to the beach recently and get some sea air, on Sunday I headed over to Lytham St Anns early in the morning and had a nice walk along the beach, it did some good and definitely blew away the cobwebs in my head :-).  Afterwards I headed over to Blackpool and then Fleetwod to see the light houses.  One of my forty things to do before I am forty (although I think this might take a little while longer) is to travel around the coast of the UK, maybe my coastal visits at the weekend could be that start of it ….



Todays post is all about facing your fears and I will admit to you that I have been putting off writing the post because it meant that I would have to write about confronting my own fears. Jim Morrison said:-


“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power………”



I never really like to talk about my fear but rather strangely it has been occupying my mind and confronting me over the past week or so by various situations.  It started with watching the program 24 hours in A and E, the episode focused on the joys and fears of living alone and featured three people, a 75 year old gentleman who had been stabbed in his own home after an attempted burglary, an 89 year old woman who lived alone quite happily and another gentleman who had a terminal cancer and had been admitted to hospital with complications and was at the end stage of life.  I do not know why I expose myself to these sorts of programs I always end up in tears and just want to go and give those who feature in the program a big hug.


I am not afraid of my own company by any means, I am never bored or worry that I will not be able occupy my time if I have some time alone  but what I do fear the most is the thought of dying alone with no one else around me. I am not sure where the fear has come from, I do know those feelings have surfaced during certain situations I have experienced through my career but I am sure that it is much more deep rooted than that. I have a very real and passionate belief that just as when we are born we have family around us we should do so at the end too, I view it as a basic need.  I know that some will disagree with me and I know that it is not always possible for death to occur in that way because life is so unpredictable but it would be nice if it could.


Fear is defined as an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat. It is commonplace that our fears are unfounded, are not real and can be overcome.  I do not find it particularly helpful when individuals promote the belief that what we attract what we think, so if we worry about something bad happening to us then it will, how is this helpful?  In this situation I find it only makes you fear the thing that you are fearing even more so and so it becomes a vicious circle, there is no solution to your fear just a reinforcement.


Earlier today I was looking through some twitter posts and I came across a morning mantra posted by @GPSforSoul, it said,


“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”

I felt that this was a very good demonstration of what fear is and how it can be overcome.  As you read the mantra it is quite clear that that fear is just an obstacle to the things we want.  By changing our perception of our fears and see them for what they really are they become something to manage instead of a never -ending circle of misery that we are unable to escape.  By reading the mantra I realised that my fear is just an obstacle. I know from life experience that obstacles can be removed or can be worked a round, I really have nothing to fear………



Thank you for reading xxx

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