The sixth month mark

Afternoon everyone!  You can tell I had written the creativity post that I did on Sunday late in the evening, so many typing errors, how embarrassing.  (I am a spelling correctly freak, I am mortified I used there instead of their).  So I have just made a few corrections, couldn’t help myself.

Once again I was not planning on writing today but whilst I was trawling the charity shops looking for beads I could take apart, perk up and make into something pretty I realised that the 3rd of August was the loveyourselfbetter blogs’ sixth month mark.  I am amazed that I have continued to be honest.  I have frequently had a few wobbles here and there worried that I may run out of things to write about but so far that has not happened yet.  I plan to continue for as long as I can and enjoy the process.  I am still a little shy about the blog but my confidence is growing and secretly I am pleased and proud of it.  I have had lots of support and encouragement from others and it has kept me going even though I have thought once or twice it isn’t working in the way that I hoped, but it is early days still and I do love writing it.  I love how the ideas for posts come to me, sometimes they come out of the blue, like todays or sometimes it is a small thing that has occurred during the week that I magnify into something big and then there are others where something big has happened and it has produced an emotion in myself whether it be positive or negative.  Sometimes the posts are dressed up into something other than what they are really about, even the daily posts have significance to me.   I really need to start to think about updating the About page as it is a little outdated, I didn’t really know what I was doing, I just knew I wanted to do it, at least now I am a little bit more clued up 🙂

So as I am about to publish my 86th post, I wanted to say thank you for reading and even if you don’t read but have a look thank you for your time and interest, it means a lot.

Lots of love

Andrea xx


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