Evening everyone, my first big post of August, isn’t the year going so fast, I was out in the garden this morning looking at all the flowers, plants etc and thinking its soon going to be that time when I start clearing things away again.


I am so proud of my garden this year.  I know you can tell because I am always going on about it, but it is something I have always wanted.  I am not really a flashy person, give me a packet of seeds and a bit of soil and it keeps me entertained for weeks.  I took  some pictures this morning that I have added to the blog, the dill I planted as a seed in March, look how big it is? I wasn’t expecting to be successful, see what a bit of tender loving care does.


Talking of TLC, Lenny and Eddie are much better now, in fact they have been eating non stop and running around at the speed of light, making up for the 5 days that they were flat.  I love them but they are so noisy, considering how small they are they sound like elephants.

I wasn’t planning to write a post tonight, but I wanted to tell you about my weekend whilst it is still fresh in my mind.  I already know that tonights post is going to be one of my favourites that I have put together so far, inspired just by going about and doing things that I love the most, meeting interesting and inspirational people who have the “get up and go” and do something different.  It is also full of my own pictures, I love adding my own photos to the blog, it makes it more me then.  As I have written in previous posts, life has been a whirlwind for about a month, all good stuff but just a little crazy.  I decided that this weekend I was going to give my household chores a miss until next week and embrace a weekend of creativity.

Up until the past few years I have never considered myself to be a particular creative person, yet when I look back as a younger child I used to make so many things with paper and felts with my Grandma, around 13 years and 14 years I used to write short stories and poetry.  Somewhere between then and 31 I had forgotten all bout it.  It was only when I travelled and blogged the journey and kept a travel journal that I remembered how much I enjoyed it, I remembered that I wanted to write a book one day.  After this I started uncovering the little bits of creativity within myself, I started making cakes, gardening, I started to write again, started to practice Reiki, did my Diploma in Body Massage and finally did a some jewellery classes. I have a real love of colour and whenever I go into bead shops I am mesmerised by the colourful shiny, sparkling beads.  I have been a little slow in moving forwards with this but over recent weeks, I have started doing more and more, trying to get some ideas, a little bit of procrastination thrown in but I’m determined to keep going.  I think when you learn something new you do have to be patient with yourself, expect mistakes, things not quite going to plan but I feel that that is the best way to learn and not to give up. I think it is also important to meet and talk to like- minded people for inspiration and that motivation to keep you going.


I went to the Stalybridge Summer Handmade Market organised by My Wonderful Little Events,, a fund raising event for Reubens Retreat,; I was in my element surrounded by the home made produce and crafts, I love anything homemade, I love the idea that a person had an idea or a dream and decided to follow it and the result is something wonderful, something that they cherish and are proud of.  The idea that they have may be completely different from their day to day job but ran with it anyway-I love that.

I spoke to a few of the stall- holders and they kindly let me take some pictures of their stalls to share with you

First up is Woozlewood, who specialise in making handcrafteded wooden products.  They had some lovely plaques with inspirational words.


Next up is Tracey from Tracey’s wooden creations, 12 months ago Tracey decided she needed a hobby and took up wood scrolling, how is that for inspiration, just shows you how much you can do in such a short space of time.  I haven’t got a contact for Tracey unfortunately.


Next is Jo Berry, from, Jo started making jams when she moved into a house where there was a plum tree


I of course didn’t go home empty handed and came home with one or two little crafted goodies, how can you not.

See you all soon 🙂

In the mean time feeling all inspired and motivated I need to decide what I am going to do with these…..

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