Speak your truth

It has been a week since I wrote something and I have missed it so much.  It isn’t that I have not had anything to say more that I have had difficulty with the expression of it.  I have found it quite difficult to put into words what I wanted to write about.  Coincidently I had a Reiki treatment on Thursday and I felt a tightening in my throat.  When the treatment was completed it was reported that I sounded like a coffee perculator throughout the treatment, something I was unaware of so I guess I have had a blockage in my throat chakra.  After the treatment, a couple of meditations and a few yoga move it seems I am back to my usual self….


Not saying how we feel can have a negative impact on our well-being.  We can harbor resentment that without some resolve can develop into anger, stinging remarks or a nasty disposition.  Some people refrain from speaking out because they fear that others will turn away from them or that they may be punished for what they have to say, they fear the negativity that could possibly be directed at them as a result of opening up.  Equally some people do not want to listen, they do not want to hear the truth being spoken, may be they are in some sort of denial.  Speaking out should not be a problem for us as humans, we should be allowed to speak up freely without fear of retribution, of course it should not involve stinging remarks but done in a rather more loving and assertive way….



Source: google.com via Lisa on Pinterest



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