Round and around we go


Have you ever found yourself going around in circles, maybe you find yourself physically revisiting places time and time again or maybe it is a situation that repeats itself and not knowing why, it is frustrating isn’t it?  Yet as the repeated situation occurs we may not be aware that we are caught up in a circular pattern.   If we are lucky it is pointed out to us, or we may become aware of it ourselves, however that realization occurs it is important to look deeper into the situation we are experiencing.  Maybe there is a part of us that needs healing, or maybe it is a lesson that we need to learn.  Maybe our ideas and ways of thinking are no longer valid, maybe we need to let go of our hurts, grudges and negative emotions.  Recognising the reasons why we are stuck are enough to break free from the patterns and move forwards and upwards with our lives. http://

Source: via Esther on Pinterest



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