Forty things

Another week gone by and I cannot believe that we are nearly in to May already, where does time go?  I had a couple of days leave at the beginning of the week and I spent most of it (of course, you guessed it) in the garden.


Having that total focus on something I enjoy meant I left work behind for a few days and when I returned to work on Thursday it felt like I had been off for ages and I felt completely refreshed.  The work has finally paid off and the garden is ready for the summer plants to go in when the time is right, but for the moment I can just sit back  and enjoy it.  There has been a lot of bird activity too since I put up the feeding station, just not a lot going on in the nest box, there has been two blue tits showing interest in the box for few months now but they have not settled yet.  I am not sure the time is right for them; it has still been quite cold though so maybe I should not give up just yet. 933931_10151590131791488_1039918783_n


Besides working on the garden I have been planning for the trip to Barcelona, it is going to be an adventure and I am really excited.




Before going to Barcelona though there will be a trip to the Highlands as I go and visit my lovely friends who live on the Isle of  Skye, one of my favourite places to go.  The journey up there is long but one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.  I have been a few times now and I never tire of the journey.   It is better to stop off though overnight either in Glasgow or Edinburgh.  I do not think you can get the journey to connect in one day if you are traveling by train, (you can coming back but not going).  I would recommend the train journey between Glasgow and Mallaig anytime and if you book early you can buy the tickets fairly cheaply, the journey is about 5 ½ hours, but worth it.  The last time I took that journey I was in a carriage with a “jolly Granddads outing”, there were plenty of spirits knocking around the train that morning, a few songs, a jig or two and an old lady talking to me about the herons, it was a little surreal to be honest but good fun, a real party train.  It is these moments that you experience when travelling that make it all so worthwhile, amazing and funny.

Thrilling_Train_Trips_12 -1                     187bcfa6cb1790b0f5f26effbcbfdf40

So with the garden and my forth -coming trips planned I am no longer pre-occupied and have a lot of brain space to think.  I heard a story during the week about a man who did a list of fifty things to do when he turned fifty, that gave me an idea.  I would like to do a “forty things list” to do before I turn forty (in two years time).  I have been searching the internet for inspiration but I am a little disappointed as I have done most of the things that are on the lists of others;  so for example sky diving, walking with lions, working abroard, round the world trip or there are some things that I do not really want  on my list for example, making my own bread, driving a different way home from work etc, read a book every month for a year,  zzzzzzzzz!).  So far I have four on my list so I think I am going to have to resort to creative thinking to get my list together, does anybody have any ideas or suggestions, let me know.. 🙂

Thank you for reading, lots of love xxxx












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