The world is yours


I seem to have been in another world this past week, completely pre-occupied with the garden and where I am going to go for my summer holiday.  I have always wanted a pretty garden, every year when the garden at my parents’ house is in full bloom I have always wished that mine was like that too, I have just never had the time.  Last year I decided enough was enough and because it as something that I really wanted to do, I made the tme, it was all about laying the foundations last summer and this one is about adding the finishing touches.  Half the time I do not know what I am doing I learn as I go along, I seem to be lucky though and things seem to grow with my care and attention and I quite like that, although I did loose a few herb seedlings, but I guess it is just trial and error.  Where I lived before I had a garden there too but I was far too pre-occupied in one academic course after another to even notice it.  When I look back to that time in my life I felt unhappy, stagnant and although I was learning I was learning about the things that I thought I had to learn.  I reflect and think that my life was so restricted back then.  When I finally stopped punishing myself and decided to stop studying I became much happier and freer, I spend my time doing the things that I love to do and that includes working in my garden.  When I spend time in the garden I do not feel that restriction that I felt when I studied yet I am still learning something, my head is clear and I feel so calm and peaceful.  I am not saying that academic study is not important, of course it is, it helps us to form, develop and maintain our careers, it is just that sometimes we put far too much emphasis on it’s importance and in the grand scheme of things it only plays a small part in the lives that we live.  I know I am always writing about this but we are so lucky that we have so many options open to us it just seems such a waste to restrict ourselves.

My other preoccupation was my summer holiday, whenever I have any time off trying to decide what to do and where to go is a minefield and that’s because there is so much to see and do.  After much deliberation I have finally decided on going to Barcelona, I have never been there before and so I am quite excited.  I have head my head stuck in my new Barcelona lonely planet book all weekend.



Sadly since I have booked my flight and accommodation I have had that Queen song running through my head, you know the one Barcelona, it has been so annoying 😦




See you next time xxx


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