Our beautiful world

The scenes we saw from Boston on Monday evening made me want to cry, my thoughts, love and prayers are sent to those who have been affected.  Yesterday I felt angry how can something so horrible happen?   There were 28,000 runners in the Boston marathon this year, that is 28,000 people with a passion, 28, 000 people with a goal, 28, 000 people doing something amazing and positive.  Many would have been running for a cause, raising money for a charity that is close to their heart, enabling the good and wonderful work they do to continue and help those who are in need.  Yet someone decided to hurt them and their supporters a like and for what reason?  When something bad happens it can be easy to fall into the trap of focusing on all that is wrong in this world, it can drag you down and we forget how amazing the world is and the majority of the people who are in it.


Yesterday my mood changed when I met with two very inspiring individuals with a heartwarming story.  Both individuals have a very hard, dangerous job and to go with it a long working week.  Both had a passion for doing something good for the community around them and in their spare time they set up a gym.  The idea behind it was to give the local children a focus, to do something positive and give them a sense of pride instead of engaging in anti-social behaviour, I felt in awe of what they do and why they do it, it truly is amazing and selfless.


Despite all the bad stuff we see in the news we never have to look very far to see the goodness that goes on around us and despite everything the world remains a beautiful place.


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