Time out

I have been working my way through the 50 ways to take a break plan and so far I have done 13, realizing that some of them I do on a daily basis without much thought for what I am doing.  For example lighting a candle, giving thanks, small acts of kindness and speaking to a friend.  It has been a while since I saw the robins in the garden last and I had been wondering where they had disappeared to, but on Thursday when I was having five minutes quiet time looking out onto the garden they reappeared, they looked well (in fact they looked like they had put on a few pounds each) and were happily feeding on the fat balls I leave out for them.


I did wonder if they had been there all the time it is just that I was too busy, too preoccupied to notice them. When we get caught up in the fast pace of life we can become unbalanced and fail to notice the small but beautiful things that are on offer to us that make our lives richer and happier.

Anyway I must dash off (joke) I need to go and turn off the electrics, let out a sigh, take five deep belly breaths, rest with my legs up and meditate




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