I cannot believe that this is my tenth post, when I started this I did not think it would last, I thought I would run out of things to write about, just shows you, you never know if you do not try.  I always know when it is time to put something down on paper because the words run through my head and I find it difficult to do anything else.  I am meant to be de-cluttering  and cleaning but I could not get myself going I had to write this first.  Once the words are out and I can visibly see them it feels like I have taken a big sigh of relief.  It is a little weird but I just go with it. 


I am still not quite back on that spring perch but I am feeling better, it has been a positive week.  The week started with a nice meditation, then we had our bake sale at work for comic relief (I ate far too much rocky road but it was for a good cause at the end of the day so justifiable I think).   Friday I found myself in a lift with some hens, chicks and rabbits, apparently I had just missed the lambs.  What a shame!  You can’t get more spring like than that. Image Anyway, as the season changes from Winter to Spring and we see changes in the environment I cannot help noticing that things are changing for me too.  At first I noticed the little changes, I now have two little robins visiting the garden every day and the coriander that I am growing has started to sprout real coriander leaves, to be honest I thought they had died but they are coming along quite nicely now. 

I have started to buy flowers for the house again, always a good sign,  I am de-cluttering, a good clear out is always good for the soul I think and I have been moving furniture around.


 I love Tulips, they are my favourite, £2 as well bargain! 😉

As well as the little changes I know that I am heading for big changes too especially around the area of work, in 10 working days we will be transferring to a new employer and a short time after that to a new working premise.  Change is always scary and seems to raise a lot of fears and anxiety, like anybody I will  experience those feelings too but for me they are quite short lived.  I always see the adventure and opportunity within change, I rarely focus on the negative but them I am used to change, change has always been a theme that has run through my life.  Embracing change can be difficult if what you have known has been good and positive and it is difficult to see why any change needs to take place at all.   If the change means you have to leave people behind it can be such a heart wrench especially if you really do not want to leave them behind, but sometimes just letting go of what you have known and taking that big leap forward can be exactly the right thing for you to do, because once you create that space, who knows what can happen, as they say as once door closes another one opens 🙂Image

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