A lesson learned


I was not really sure what to write about this week, it isn’t that I am short of ideas it is just that I could not decide which idea I should use.  In fact I have had so many ideas running through my head that they have been keeping me awake at night.  With my head so full it is no wonder my memory is so bad, I can hardly remember what I did a week ago most the time.  

It has been a strange time since I wrote something last, firstly seeing snow lying on top of the lovely crocuses in the garden has well and truly knocked me off my spring perch. Secondly I have had one very harsh but interesting lesson in self- sabotage.    Alyce P. Cornbyn-Selby says:-


Self-sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn’t happens.


Self -sabotage can be a fight between the conscious and the subconscious yet is so subtle that we have no idea that it is taking place. I do not really know much about self-sabotage myself I just know it is all about the conscious and the subconscious being in conflict and repressed emotions.  Those who self sabotage often find themselves in situations such as not achieving the things they want, it may be that they want help but push the people away who can help them the most, it is someone wanting to bring more positivity into their life but surrounding themselves with toxic people, its about wanting love, care and support but demonstrating raging anger at those who can offer that to you and finding solace in those who cannot.   



There are many other ways in which we self- sabboatge, for example ignoring your instincts, caring too much about what other people think, believing you are not worthy of all the good things life can offer, letting fear get in the way, choosing to be unhappy and choosing the “devil you know” over what you really want. 


I did not realise that I was self-sabotaging it was pointed to me by some lovely people who continue to support me even though I am demonstrating my worst (in my defence this does not happen often, just once in a blue moon 😉 )   Now I know that I was creating my own downfalls I feel that I have the power to turn things around, having that awareness will prevent me from making the same mistakes again.  If you have a goal that you are not achieving or you want something that always seems to be just out of reach or maybe something does not budge no matter what you do, it maybe worth asking yourself if you are the reason you are not achieving what you want. 

See you next time, thank you for reading xx


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