It’s quite funny really but I am finding these blog entries quite hard to write.  Usually I do not have a problem writing, it seems to flow very naturally especially early in the morning.  At the moment though the words are not flowing and all my other little projects that I work on have come to a stand still too.  At first I felt frustrated and annoyed with myself for not moving forwards with them especially as I had created some space to spend more time on them.  There does not seem to be a particular reason for this glitch its just that things don’t seem to be flowing particularly well right now.  I could force myself to work on my projects and put myself under pressure but what would the point of that be, I want to enjoy what I am doing, I want to enjoy the things that in my heart I really wanted to do.  This attitude that I have adopted towards my projects is new to me, I am usually a tyrant with myself and push and push until I see a finished product and it is usually at the expense of my health.   This time though I am not going to do that, I am going to be patient and take my time as I trust and believe that my projects will each have their moment in time.


This is not the first time my projects have stalled, it has happened a few times before just not at the same time.  There have been times that one has taken precedence over the other and then a few months later they switch over and the other has become more prominent.  I have learnt that it is best to go with the flow.  In the meantime and whilst everything has grinded to a halt I have been busying myself doing other things, I have been doing some early work in the garden and making a few pieces of jewellery, I am not worried because I trust that my flow will return and work on my projects will resume when the time is right.

Thank you for reading


Andrea xx 

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