You have the power

Feeling stuck and not knowing which way to go is no fun at all.  Waking up every morning with that awful feeling in your stomach knowing that it is going to be another ground hog day can leave you with a sense of disappointment, frustration and a lethargy for life.  If you spend the day going through the motions hoping that one day something will turn up and instigate the change that you so desperately want then you are wasting your life.  In this situation there is often a need to be more pro-active in manifesting the change that you desire, remember that it is you who has the power to turn things around.  If you are stuck and not know which way to go for the better I sympathise with you whole heartedly as there have been times in my life when I have been going round and around in circles not really knowing which way to go whilst everyone else around me had lives that were running smoothly and falling into place.  On the odd occasion something did come along to change things but to be honest the most fun and positive moments came when I instigated the change myself.  There was a time when I felt unhappy with my work, unhappy where I lived and felt incredibly restless with anything and everything in my life.   It took some soul searching deciding which options were the right ones for me, I thought about moving, I thought about a new job but nothing seemed right and so in the end I decided to sell my house and give up my job and do all the things that I wanted to do and not the things that I thought I should be doing.  It was a massive leap of faith, one that carried risks and I was really scared about it being the wrong thing to do but when I stopped and listened to myself I felt happy with what I was doing and things just seemed to fall into place without much effort.  During that time I learnt a lot about myself and also gained some valuable life experiences that money cannot buy and I will remember them forever.   It goes without saying that the solution to your change does not have to involve a big leap of faith like mine it can just be as simple as taking small steps over a period of time towards your goal, it could be that you want to change jobs, you want to learn a new skill you want to start a business, maybe it’s a change in your personal relationships.  Whatever it is that you want to change make the commitment today to move forwards and out of your rut and make yourself happy because no one is going to do it for you.

As human beings we are incredibly resilient and we will continue to live in the status quo no matter how unhappy we are.  However I believe that we are meant to be happy, I believe that we have a right to do the things in our heart of hearts we know that we want to do.  If you find  yourself putting blocks in your path or making excuses why you cannot do something the only person it is harming is you, so stop, write down what it is that you would like to do, write down a list of steps and work through them one by one at your own pace.  Sometimes one small change can change everything.




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